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Security Solutions to Keep your Home Safe

Getting a locksmith to protect your home might just be the best thing you ever did. The seventh most frequent crime in Reading was burglary with a reported 1,126 crimes in 2017. Worse, once a burglar sees your home as a potential source of valuables, they often hit it multiple times.

Upgrading Security

A Reading locksmith can help you to upgrade your security, and in many cases, people called us out after they experienced a burglary at their home. We can assess the weak security points in your home to provide you with adequate solutions that will prevent future break-ins.

Most of the time when a break-in occurs, it happens because the burglar saw an easy target and valuables out in the open. We will give you advice on how to prevent future break-ins with the best security practices.

Reading Locksmith

At Berkshire Locksmith, we serve clients in all sorts of emergencies. We will dispatch a technician, for example, to unlock the door of your home, but we can also send out a technician for cars. We offer 24-hour emergency locksmith services to ensure that you receive support when you need it.

24-Hour Lockouts in Reading

Our team can help you in all lockout scenarios, and in most cases, we can get into your car or home within a few minutes. How long it takes to unlock the door will depend on the lock installed. Higher security locks may take a bit longer.

We would like to emphasize that you should call 999 in actual emergencies. Don’t, for example, call a locksmith if your child or pet is locked inside a hot car. You need to call the police for those cases for an even faster response.

Reading Emergency Lockout

Emergency Locksmith Reading

UPVC Window and Door Repairs

We can repair damage to UPVC doors and windows. Our experts have the tools and expertise to bring it back to its normal condition. 

Some of the things that we help with include emergency door repairs, door alignment issues, double glazing issues, broken hinges, stiff or stuck handles, malfunctioning locking mechanisms, and drip bar installation.

Efficient Repair Rather than Costly Replacement

In many cases, you don’t need to replace a damaged UPVC double-glazed window and door. Sometimes, you just need to repair them, and that’s where we have the expertise to help. 

We will dispatch a technician for small and large jobs. Don’t worry about the job being too small since we love to help. Once your windows and doors show signs of a need for repairs, we can repair them so that they will work better. Call our Reading locksmith today!

Businesses can especially make use of the services of a locksmith since he can help you to improve security at your business. Burglars target businesses because they know how they can get more cash from a business than from homes. 

If you don’t take the right precautions, you could see your business hit many times by the same burglars. Even if you only suffer a single burglary, the losses for a small business can leave you struggling to keep your head above water. 

Safety and Security Experts

Many business owners that hire a Reading locksmith request assistance in the form of them becoming a security advisor. They know what weaknesses burglars would commonly exploit to enter a building. 

Businesses have up to two times the likelihood of suffering a burglary than a home, which shows you the need for top-notch security. Most burglars look for easy targets because they don’t want to get caught. 

Business burglaries will usually yield up to two times the profit from the typical smash-and-grab from a residence. When you consult Berkshire Locksmith, we will put you on the path to making your profits more secure. We will help you to install security that keeps criminals out of your property. 

Commercial Locksmith in Reading

CCTV Systems Installation and Repair

Many people don’t realize it, but locksmiths can serve in the role of a security advisor as well as a locksmith. We know, for example, the best practices to install CCTV systems to collect evidence if a crime occurs on your property.

When you do this without that expertise, you might put them in a place that misses crucial information. We can also repair CCTV systems because it makes no sense to have one if it can’t capture the criminals in the act.

Security Surveys and Risk Assessments

Our locksmiths can survey your property to examine the risk of a burglary. Unfortunately, if a burglar wants something badly enough, no security measures will stop him. However, you can slow him down or make it much harder for him to get your valuables.

In some cases, they’d rather find another property with lower security over the risk of getting caught. Our technicians will point out the weaknesses on your property that will prevent you from ever being targeted to begin with.

Why Choose Us?

You should choose us because we are a local locksmith in Reading that offers you a wide variety of locksmith services that will make your home or commercial property more secure.

Everyone should occasionally think about the security of their property to keep themselves from becoming a target. 

As a local fixture in the community, we have become a trusted source for locksmith services. That matters because you do have frauds posing as locksmiths in this industry. Go with a trusted one to ensure your peace of mind. 

 The biggest reasons to choose us over the competition include:

– Expertise in a variety of locksmith applications
– Affordable locksmith solutions
– Fast response
– Licensed and insured

Trusted Service

We offer 24-hour services to our clients so that you can come to us whenever you need assistance. Our experts also offer only the best products to clients to ensure that the integrity of our locks will hold up. 

Our Reading locksmith knows to give you the best services and provide you with peace of mind. Check us out today!

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