Everything You Need to Know Before Installing a Smart Lock

Standard locks are becoming less and less common as homeowners are starting to invest in smart locks to protect their homes.

This technology has come a long way in recent years, and no longer are they just found on commercial buildings.

If you’re interested in increasing the security of your location by way of a smart lock, there are some things that you need to know.

There are different types of smart locks available and installing a smart lock can be something that requires the assistance of a professional.

You’ve come to the right place for all the information that you need regarding smart locks.

Providing Additional Security

The main reason that people think about Installing a smart lock is to secure an area.

A smart lock can increase the overall security of your home, but there is the potential that it could be broken into by an experienced criminal.

That’s why it’s important that you’re selecting the right digital lock made from high-quality materials. Some of the added safety that is provided by a smart lock comes from features such as:

Locking and Unlocking Remotely

Installing a smart lock provides you with convenience. If you’re worried that you forgot to lock your door when you left, you can use your smart device to lock it from wherever you are.

You can also unlock the door remotely if someone that you know needs to gain access.

Fingerprint Unlocking

If you don’t want to fumble around with putting a security code into your locking mechanism, there are smart locks that utilize your fingerprint to gain access.

You simply go through the initial process of programming your lock when it’s installed, and it will only work with your fingerprint.

Some models allow for multiple fingerprints to be utilized. 

Locking / Unlocking History

If you download an app that works along with your smart lock, you can view the history of that lock. This allows you to review if your door was locked or unlocked aside from the times that you used it.

Doorbell Integration

In addition to Installing a smart lock providing you with security, you can also find a model that incorporates a doorbell into the design.

Some locks and doorbells will even have a camera on them, so you can view who’s at your door.

Emergency Alerts

If somebody is trying to break into your home, you’ll receive alerts that something is going on so you can react accordingly.

Choosing a Smart Lock

There are a lot of different smart locks on the market, so how do you know which one is right for your home?

You can enlist the help of a professional to help you determine what’s going to be the best choice, but here are some other features to consider.

User-Based Permissions

In order to gain access to a building, a digital lock must receive some sort of signal. This can be done by way of a smart device, fingerprint, digital code, etc.

Make sure that the lock you choose provides access to those who need it but keeps others out.

It helps if there are multiple methods of locking and unlocking your door, especially if they are working together to add more layers of security.

An Alarm or Alert Feature

It’s imperative that you’re going to receive an alert if somebody is trying to break into your home by way of your lock.

Some digital locks will sound an alarm if brute force is being used or a tool is being forced into the lock, and you may also receive a notification to your phone.

When Installing a smart lock, opt for one of those models.

Voice Controls

Did you ever think that you would be able to lock or unlock your door by using voice activation?

You can program certain smart locks to respond to your voice or anyone else that you program into the unit.

There are certain models that will require you to state a pin, but this might be something you’re not comfortable with if you’re concerned that somebody is going to be nearby and could hear you recite the passcode. 


Geofencing is a feature that high-end models have. Instead of having to enter a code into your lock or use some other method of entering, your smart lock will sense that you’re nearby with your set of digital keys or some sort of digital tag. It will unlock for you when you’re within a certain proximity of the lock.

Working with Other Devices and Programs

If you have a home that has a lot of different smart features in it, you might want to think about Installing a smart lock that can integrate with things like Amazon Alexa, Nest, your television set, or another home security product that you have.

You can usually look into a specific product to see what it’s compatible with before you buy anything.

Are There Any Downsides to Smart Locks?

As with anything, there are always downsides to consider when you’re interested in potentially purchasing something new for your home. Keyless Lock units are no different. 

While Installing a smart lock can provide an excellent level of security for your home, there are some cons to think about.

Loss of Your Phone

If someone was to steal your phone or you lost it, this could provide them with an opportunity to gain access to your home (in addition to other things that you have programmed into your smart phone).

While they may not know what your address is just by picking up your phone, there is probably a lot of information stored on your device that could help them figure out where to go.

Features in Your Phone That Disclose Location

  • Many smart phones allow you to program your home address into your device so you can quickly get directions back to your location if you’re away from home in an area you don’t know very well.
  • You may have personal information on your bank app, credit card app, or other financial apps. Many people stay logged into these accounts.
  • Social media accounts may have your address listed if you have disclosed that information.
  • Purchases from online retailers like Amazon, Walmart, or Target may have your address listed.
  • Many people have their address saved in order to automatically fill in a form that they are accessing on the internet.

The Risk of Being Hacked

Criminals are having to come up with new ways to partake in illegal activity, and there are professional criminals that know how to hack into a digital lock so they can quickly gain access to a property that isn’t theirs.

If you have other devices in your home that are connected to your keyless lock, those could also be hacked in a way that provides access to your home.

Low Quality Materials

There are smart locks and keyless lock models that are made from very high-quality materials, and they provide great security to your home.

However, a lot of homeowners try to save some money by purchasing lower-quality items.

Your Front Door Can Be Breached Because Of:

  • Lack of security features worked into the design of your smart lock
  • No alerts sent to your phone
  • Easy access to other devices in your home
  • Easy to access apps if your phone is stolen
  • Voice recognition forces you to speak your passcode out loud
    Plastic interior components versus stronger, metal options

Battery Controlled Units

Your smart lock will likely run off of batteries. You’ll need to make sure that you’re frequently replacing those batteries, so they don’t run out of power and leave you locked out of your home.

A lot of smart lock units will either beep or flash a light if it’s time to replace your battery. You may even receive an alert on your phone. However, this can be an inconvenience for some people.

Are you considering buying a smart lock for your home? If so, there is plenty of information to take into account in this article.

If you feel that you need more advice, please reach out to our experienced staff here at Berkshire Locksmith. 

We are a local locksmith company located in Reading, and we offer a variety of services and security solutions to customers located in the Berkshire, UK area.

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